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Gruener Wuerfel Drehkommando is kind of a sublabel of our netlabel We use it to publish our live-recordings of the various electro-jams we do every now and then. At some time we started to call them "Gruener Wuerfel Drehkommando". Feel free to sample and do whatever you want, as long as you "share alike".
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This is the first live jam we made during an openair party with all the artitst that were at that time on Later we called this happenings "Gruener Wuerfel Drehkommando" but at that time is just happened out of the moment. People wanted to dance, everybody had performed their live-sets and to keep the party going we just threw everything together and kept playing.
Topics: derkleinegruenewuerfel, gruener wuerfel drehkommando
Once again we threw them altogether: Schmitz & Niebuhr, Omiwaslodi and Das Blaue Monster. After everybody had performed their livesets, we kept on playing and luckily recorded it. But the different time (in December) and the different location (the Trash-Bin) had quite an impact on the outcome. More uptempo and rough than the summer sessions.
Topics: derkleinegruenewuerfel, gruener wuerfel drehkommando, techno
After the first Cologne Commons Festival in Summer 2009 the KunstWerk Köln hosted our Cologne Commons Lounge during the Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen. To warm things up a little bit, we started with a special version of the Drehkommando with our guests from the "Therapeutische Hörgruppe" who happily followed our invitation. At that evening the sounds of the so called "Neue E-Musik" and the "Electronic-Dance-Music" clashed together. You can hear lots of filtered...
Topics: derkleinegruenewuerfel, gruener wuerfel drehkommando
After a rather long break we're giving the idea of the drehkommando a new try. This is kind of a preroll with FC Stoffel and Martin Wisniowski performing as a duo at the Dingfabrik during the "Passagen" event in cologne. Both had to find out what exactly all the knobs on their equipment were meant to do. But once they got the hang of it a nice downbeat jam evolved.
Topics: derkleinegruenewuerfel, gruener wuerfel drehkommando, downbeat